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So much more than homework help. We build long-term academic coaching relationships.

Every student has specific strengths and struggles. We work with families to build individualized plans that address each student's needs.

Online Tutorial

Online Tutoring

Online School is Hard

We understand how hard COVID-19 has been on young people. Stressed and separated from their friends, many students are hurting. We are here to help. We can navigate the various online systems, find the assignments, and help students complete work successfully.

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Executive Function Coaching

Overcome Learning Challenges

We help students with executive function issues take ownership of their lives and futures using strategies presented by Smart but Scattered authors Peg Dawson and Richard Guare. We can help end homework power struggles, and let students show the world what they can do!


Test Prep

Improving Scores

Test taking is a skill. Scores measure a student's skill, not their potential. We help students learn the strategies that lead to higher scores.

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Academic Subjects

At Next Steps Tutoring, Inc., we offer tutoring services for a wide range of subjects. Whether in our office, or remotely online, you can trust our qualified instructors to help your students reach their academic goals. Find out more about the topics we teach.


Our tutors are gentle enough for early elementary school students and knowledgeable enough to teach calculus and advanced statistics.

Math Formulas


Our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals are available to provide one-on-one tutoring in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and most science courses offered at Seattle high schools.

In The Lab


From Washington State History in middle school through AP US History, AP World History, and beyond, we can help students put history in context and see the echoes of these events in modern times.

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We work with students who struggle with dyslexia and dysgraphia from elementary school through college. We have had particular success with students on the autism spectrum who often struggle to interpret prompts, and can have a hard time regulating emotional responses to academic adversity.

In the Classroom


We can help students with all components of the reading process, helping early readers decode, intermediate learners visualize, and advanced readers analyze. Wherever your student needs assistance we can help them build the skills for future success.

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College Essays

We base our approach on the research Dr. William Sedlacek has been doing since the 1980's on personal traits that predict success in higher education independent of grades and test scores. Colleges are well aware of this work, so our plan is to help students write a story that shows these qualities while also demonstrating that they understand the fundamentals of academic and narrative writing. 

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Seattle Prep's Collegio

Our staff members have been helping with this interdisciplinary History, Language Arts, and Theology offering for over a decade. From the United Nations Project to the Junior Research Paper, we have seen it before and understand Prep's very high expectations.

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